Key Number Ten: Do Your Research

Now that you’ve finished your submission package.  Make sure that you have researched the agents that you want to submit to. Know what types of books they represent. Most importantly, a number of agents may have closed their lists and may not accept new clients at the time you begin submitting. You don’t want to … Continue reading

Key Number Nine: Don’t Give Up!

If your goal is to be a published author with a major publishing house, you have to prepare yourself for the disappointment, ego-deflating and inevitable rejections that all true authors must face. As I wrote earlier in this series, don’t give up if you are rejected. Remind yourself that a rejection doesn’t necessarily mean that … Continue reading

Key Number Eight: Put Together An Eye Catching Submission Package

Now that you have polished your manuscript and made it as error-free as you possibly can, you are ready to begin the submission process.  Considering the fact that almost every acquistions editor at the major houses require authors to have an agent submit their work to them,  you want your package to be the best … Continue reading

Key Number Three: Remember Your Manners!

Hi all! I know that its been a long time since I’ve posted anything and I apologize for taking so long to get these ten keys written. My life has been crazy busy! With writing book 2, lining up book signings, and promotions for book one, etc. But I LOVE IT! When dream becomes reality, … Continue reading