New Novel: Not Quite What It Seems

Praise for Not Quite What It Seems:

“Walker captures your attention from the start with the multiple levels of dysfunction that exist in the protagonist’s life. She’s a tremendous talent and has a great ability to write strong, realistic personalities and different voices.” –Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“Walker deftly depicts Jadyn’s family reunions with a gentle touch.” –Publisher’s Weekly
“If you like to read Eric Jerome Dickey, Donna Hill and J.D. Mason, you’ll definitely want to check out Mari Walker!” — Carleen Brice, author of Children of the Waters

“[Mari] has the rare ability to make the simple complex by challenging the reader to evaluate their life against her story. The read was the equivalent of what I would describe as VSOP brand liquor…top shelf stuff.” –Royale Watkins, comedian, Mixtape Comedy Gotham, NY

“Mari Walker knows how to capture and hold captive her readers from the first line to the last. It’s authors like Ms. Walker, with her distinctive writing style and voice, that remind us just how priceless a well told story is.”–Joylynn M. Jossel, Essence Magazine Bestselling Author


Key Number Five: Rejection: Make It Work For You!

Rejection. That word conjures up a lot of negative energy for most of us. You’ve waited weeks, maybe even months to hear back from the person you sent your query letter. You have  placed your hopes, dreams, and ambitions for becoming a writer inside that envelope. Your expectations are high. You’ve written the best manuscript … Continue reading

Ten Keys To Approaching the Giants –What I’ve Learned

Key Number 2  Rewrite! Rewrite! Rewrite! This should really have been Key number one.  Okay, so you’ve labored long and hard and have finally written “the end” to your very first novel. Congratulations! Finishing is your very first hurdle and is not to be taken lightly. You love your book, your family and friends rave about it.  … Continue reading


Hi, I was working on my website and I thought about my journey to become an author. I got a lot of mis-information along the way, which made an already difficult journey even moreso. So I thought that I would start this blog to share information with others just beginning the journey, to try to … Continue reading