Key Number Nine: Don’t Give Up!

If your goal is to be a published author with a major publishing house, you have to prepare yourself for the disappointment, ego-deflating and inevitable rejections that all true authors must face. As I wrote earlier in this series, don’t give up if you are rejected.

Remind yourself that a rejection doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t write. It is just one person’s opinion! Have confidence and pride in your work. Believe in yourself  and in your talent. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to? Rework your project and send it out to the next agent on your list. And keep repeating this process for as long as it takes! Until you finally receive that letter that says:

Congratulations!  Agent A would love to offer you a contract and take you on as our client!

There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have just put yourself in reach of your goal: Seeing a book on the shelves at a bookstore with your name on it!

I hope my experiences have helped you.  Take care and Good Luck!


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