Ten Keys To Approaching the Giants –What I’ve Learned

Key Number 2  Rewrite! Rewrite! Rewrite!

This should really have been Key number one.  Okay, so you’ve labored long and hard and have finally written “the end” to your very first novel. Congratulations! Finishing is your very first hurdle and is not to be taken lightly. You love your book, your family and friends rave about it.  But is it time to begin sending it out to prospective agents or publishers? Absolutely not! Surprised, hunh? Once you get your story down on paper, this is just your first draft.  Your manuscript should go through second, third, fourth, or even more drafts before it’s polished enough to begin sending out. Even bestselling authors must edit the first draft and revise it before submitting it to thier editors.

Rewrites are part of t-phe business. This is a fact of life.  And it is a process that will make a poor writer better, a good writer great, and a great writer a best selling author! (well, sometimes.) Writing is just like any other craft. You must work on your skills to become the best you can be.  The common misconception among beginners is that “If they like my story enough, THEY will fix all my errors and make my story better.” Nothing could be farther from the truth! Most professionals are extremely busy. Most credible agents and editors, have multiple clients that they currently represent and must shuffle through hundreds of submissions per day to find new clients. Put yourself in thier shoes. Would you read a submission that is sloppy, riddled with errors, some so common that a simple spell check would fix them, and just overall unprofessionally put together with the thought, “That’s okay, I can fix this for them later?” Not hardly. Chances are you’re so busy taking work home each night and on the weekends has become a course of business for you. Why would you add correcting spelling and grammar so that I can read this, to your already long list? A well written,  revised, error proofed, manuscript  together with a story that takes thier breath away, is every agent or editors dream.  Doing your best to deliver what they’re looking for should be the goal. This will go a long way in setting your work above the rest. Remember, a submission is the first impression  the agent or editor gets of you. If your submission is sloppy and carelessly thrown together, that’s how that person will view you. If you don’t take pride in your work, why should anyone else?  That’s all for now. More on this later. Take care! Mari


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