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New Novel: Not Quite What It Seems

Praise for Not Quite What It Seems:

“Walker captures your attention from the start with the multiple levels of dysfunction that exist in the protagonist’s life. She’s a tremendous talent and has a great ability to write strong, realistic personalities and different voices.” –Romantic Times BOOKreviews

“Walker deftly depicts Jadyn’s family reunions with a gentle touch.” –Publisher’s Weekly
“If you like to read Eric Jerome Dickey, Donna Hill and J.D. Mason, you’ll definitely want to check out Mari Walker!” — Carleen Brice, author of Children of the Waters

“[Mari] has the rare ability to make the simple complex by challenging the reader to evaluate their life against her story. The read was the equivalent of what I would describe as VSOP brand liquor…top shelf stuff.” –Royale Watkins, comedian, Mixtape Comedy Gotham, NY

“Mari Walker knows how to capture and hold captive her readers from the first line to the last. It’s authors like Ms. Walker, with her distinctive writing style and voice, that remind us just how priceless a well told story is.”–Joylynn M. Jossel, Essence Magazine Bestselling Author


Key Number Ten: Do Your Research

Now that you’ve finished your submission package.  Make sure that you have researched the agents that you want to submit to. Know what types of books they represent. Most importantly, a number of agents may have closed their lists and may not accept new clients at the time you begin submitting. You don’t want to … Continue reading

Key Number Nine: Don’t Give Up!

If your goal is to be a published author with a major publishing house, you have to prepare yourself for the disappointment, ego-deflating and inevitable rejections that all true authors must face. As I wrote earlier in this series, don’t give up if you are rejected. Remind yourself that a rejection doesn’t necessarily mean that … Continue reading

Key Number Eight: Put Together An Eye Catching Submission Package

Now that you have polished your manuscript and made it as error-free as you possibly can, you are ready to begin the submission process.  Considering the fact that almost every acquistions editor at the major houses require authors to have an agent submit their work to them,  you want your package to be the best … Continue reading

Key Number Six: Kill The Arrogant Attitude Key Number Seven: Learn To Take Professional Advice

Once you finish your manuscript, it’s easy for pride to become arrogance if we’re not careful.  What is arrogance? Webster’s defines it this way: an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions.  My take on it?  Thinking that you know more about the publishing business than professionals who do this job for a living … Continue reading